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Click here to listen to Tom Gibson and guest artist Robbie Kleinberg discuss and play some of Marco's trombone duets.

Please read this before downloading the music.
You can print the scores that I place on this site and, if the music appeals to you, perform the works publicly. Obviously, I maintain the copyright to the works. I only ask that you let me know when you play this music and that you put the information about the works in your concert programs. (Email) In this way, I can receive a bit of change once in a while whenever the performance is surveyed by ASCAP or a local performing rights society. By letting me know about performances, you can help me keep these works available and offer more in the future. If this catches on, other composers might decide to make their works easily available in this fashion. In other words, with just a small effort, you can help develop a system that benefits everyone involved.

Best wishes in all of your musical endeavors-

Trombone duets:

"Serious Samba"

"Turkish Taffy"

Trombone trios:

"Para los padres" score

"Para los padres" trombone 1

"Para los padres" trombone 2

"Para los padres" trombone 3

Queens Symphony

Queens Symphony Orchestra (New York) trombonists:
Johannes Pfannkuch, Dale Turk, and Fred Braverman.
Photo: John Thomas